PowerSculpt PDX

Hi! How ya feelin'? 

If the answer is great - awesome, keep on keepin' on. If the answer is más o menos, (so-so) or awful, try this: sit up with a tall spine, relax your shoulders and let your tongue fall from the roof of your mouth. Inhale to a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 6. Now.....

I'm glad you reached out. I hope you're here to get stronger, more grounded and feel more alive.

PowerSculpt classes are designed to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, and balance. Together, we work on muscle isolation, deep core work and body conditioning. In every 55 min class, you will activate every major muscle, and probably find some undiscovered, underused muscles as well. My classes are super-fun, high-energy, low-stress, and deeply focused on getting you to be the best version of yourself.  

In 2020, we've been given an unexpected gift, the ability to workout from the comfort of our homes, but still alongside others, very much part of a virtual community. Even though we aren't in the same room, I'll hold you accountable and encourage you to push a little harder than you normally would.

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See you soon ❤️




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